Desi, Kevin and Hilda

Desi, Kevin and Hilda

jeudi 28 août 2014


I apologize for not writing anything sooner. In September last year I thought it would be a matter of weeks before I could make a short video on Bonnie and the girls enjoying the forest in the large enclosure, but it’s been almost five months now since Bonnie’s been with Desi and Hilda and I still don’t have any footage of Bonnie in the forest, let alone of him playing with the girls in the trees.

Bonnie is the male sun bear who arrived at the OFI care centre in June 2014 and who was introduced to Desi and Hilda on 31st August. The three bears became friends right away but when Bonnie went into the small enclosure he got a bad shock on the electric fence and refused to go back in. More than 3 months were necessary for Bonnie to slowly venture back into the small enclosure and another month for him to feel comfortable in it.

Now that Bonnie is confident that nothing is going to happen to him in the small enclosure he is hesitantly going into the main enclosure. He goes in for a few seconds at a time, staying close to the door. He sniffs the air, looks around and comes running back into the cage, even if Desi and Hilda are just a few feet away as if inviting him to come play with them.

Bonnie needs time…  and my next video update will thus have to wait. Sorry about that.

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