Desi, Kevin and Hilda

Desi, Kevin and Hilda

samedi 28 juin 2014

Requiem for Kevin

Thank you to all of you who have made a donation for this project and who continue to do so. Your help is greatly appreciated and still needed to be able to pay the final bills.
The construction of the main enclosure’s wall is now in its finishing stages, another few days are needed to finish the plastering of the wall and the making of a pool for the bears to enjoy when it gets too hot. Then there is still quite a lot of work needed to put up the wires for the electric fencing and to get the electric system up and running.

Unfortunately, I have very sad news: Kevin, the big strong male sun bear we see on all the videos of the project, died on May 11th. He was gone in less than 24 hours from showing the first clinical symptoms. Acute necrotic pancreatitis it seems, there was nothing we could do....  After a life behind bars, Kevin died just a few weeks before being able to enjoy a bit of forest and some space. Fate is so unfair sometimes. At least the girls, Desi and Hilda are doing well. The enclosure will be for the two of them now.
Here is a short video to honour Kevin’s memory:

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