Desi, Kevin and Hilda

Desi, Kevin and Hilda

mercredi 12 mars 2014


As you can see on the pictures bellow, the first phase of the construction (small enclosure and feeding cage) is practically finished now. The “play-ground” in the small enclosure was all made with recycled wood, by Dave, a volunteer carpenter. Very soon, Desi, Kevin and Hilda will be able to enjoy this small enclosure and its adjacent cage, while waiting for the main enclosure to be finished. In itself, it will already be a great improvement to their present cage.

So far, people have donated approximately 2000 USD through this blog, but I will need at least another 20 000 USD to be able to pay the bills for the making of the main enclosure. I’ve already put all my personal savings in this project, so I hope you can help a little. Thank you.


BTW, for those who haven't seen the short fund raising film for this project, the link is:

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